YoCake Review

This past September, YoCake opened in the Montgomery County Mall. It’s taken me a few months to get out there (not metro accessible), but it’s definitely worth sharing.

YoCake capitalizes on the cupcake trend and the fat-free frozen yogurt trend, offering several options of both at its food court location. I was surprised at just how many flavors there were! 16 cupcake flavors and 7 yogurt flavors. More on the yogurt in a bit, let’s talk cupcakes!

The spread of cupcakes is impressive (there are over 20 varieties on their menu, 12-16 of which are offered daily). Few cupcake shops offer that much variety everyday. I was immediately drawn to the classic vanilla-vanilla, but was also intrigued by the Amaretto, described to me as tasting like an almond cookie—yum!

They looked delicious, but I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of food court cupcakes. Let’s admit it, Panda Express doesn’t stack up to your local hole-in-the-wall Chinese take-away. But I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of YoCake’s cakes! Here’s my take on the vanilla:

  • Size: Just right—not too small, not overwhelming. Very good size—think Hello Cupcake.
  • Cost: $2.50 – perfectly priced for the size, taste, and location
  • Cake: Dense and delicious, but a little dry.
  • Frosting: Very creamy, even overnight it stayed soft. More butter/oil than sugar in the recipe, but still sweet enough.

These are definitely Top 10—maybe even Top 5, but I’d need to do some comparison tasting to be sure. I didn’t expect these to be so tasty, and will definitely be grabbing one every time I’m at that mall. The amaretto was definitely tasty, but a little too intense on the almond flavoring—so much so it didn’t taste like a cupcake.

The Amaretto had actual pieces of almond in the cake batter

After buying my staples, I inquired about the yogurt. Despite explaining that I wouldn’t be buying any yogurt this time, the girl behind the counter insisted I try a few samples. The vanilla and cheesecake were delicious (I don’t like the sour ones), and I can’t believe they’re all fat-free! If only the cupcakes were the same!!!

YoCake is open every day 10am-9pm in the Montgomery County Mall food court. Whether you choose yogurt or cupcakes, you won’t be disappointed!!


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